Lithium Battery Cell 206Ah Li-ion Phosphate LiFePo4


3.2 Volt Lithium Battery Cell
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Spark Lithium 206Ah 3.2V Cell Li-ion Phosphate LiFePo4 LFP206 Battery

LiFePo4 battery technology has superior energy density, power density and cycle life characteristics.


  • 3.2V Li-Ion phosphate prismatic cell
  • Superior cycle life > 3000 charges/discharges
  • Dimensions 174mm x 53.7mm x 200mm
  • Weight 4.1kg
  • Capacity 206Ah
  • Energy 659Wh
  • Specific Energy 160Wh/kg
  • Max Voltage 3.65V
  • Min Voltage 2.5V
  • Nominal Voltage 3.2V
  • Charge and discharge capability >1C
  • Operating temperature 0-55degC

Warning: It is highly recommended that you use a battery management system (not included) to protect your cells from over charging or under discharging and to prevent the batteries from operating in excess temperature which may lead to prolonged cell damage.

  • Do not overcharge. Ensure the charger voltage does not exceed the batteries maximum charge voltage.
  • Do not under-discharge. Ensure the cell voltage does not exceed the batteries minimum discharge voltage.
  • Do not leave batteries discharged for a long period. Leaving Li-Ion batteries in a discharged state can incur irreversible damage – creating a loss in capacity and a loss in cycles.
  • Do not short circuit your batteries. NEVER short circuit batteries. Short circuiting can cause a huge surge of current that could damage the battery and in some cases even cause a fire.

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Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 20.7 × 5.4 cm


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